Finnish artist Maria Mäki and French artist Maia Flore has been selected for the Finnish-French exchange program for fine art photographers 2017. Maria Mäki receives a one month working opportunity hosted by Diaphane Pole Photographique en Picardien in Clermont-del’Oise. Photographic Centre Peri is hosting Maia Flore at AARK in August 2017. We thank all applicants for their interest in the program.

The Finnish-French exchange program for fine art photographers is a collaboration in between Northern Photography Centre, Photographic Centre Peri and the Union of Artist Photographers in Finland. French partners are Centre Photographique d’Ile de FrancePôle Image Haute Normandie and Diaphane Pôle Photographique en Picardie.

The program annually offers one Finnish fine art photographer a chance to work for a month in France and, equally, a French artist a chance to work in Finland. The artists are hosted in turn by the partner organisations. The open call is announced yearly on the organisation’s web sites.

Artists hosted by Photographic Centre Peri in Southwest Finland: Sabine Meier (2005), Esther Berelowitsch (2008), Corinne Mercadier (2011) and Sandra Rocha (2014). 


 Photo: Maia Flore